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Only three units of this limited edition premium Doppelbock beer selections were released in wooden boxes, including a new, a three-year-old and a ten-year-old brew of Black Rose, and which boxes have now been sent up for auction by Szent András Brewery to grant donation to an elementary school in one of the most disadvantageous settlements of its home county, Békés.

Bids for one of the most special, treasure-like beer selections can be made for two weeks from Santa Claus, until 20th December. The aim of the online auction is that Szent András Brewery would grant the auction income as donation to an elementary school in one of the most disadvantageous settlements of Békés county. The Brewery would also double the sales price, and the amount would be transferred to the Calvinist Elementary School in Zsadány. With the donation, the school would expand its equipment. The stake is not less than the purchase of basic equipment that would support the studies of the small children. Beside the financial support, Szent András Brewery from Békésszentandrás offers real treasures of Hungary's craft beer brewing for the auction: a new, a three-year-old and a ten-year-old Black Rose with full body and rich in malts, still silky tastes. The special wooden boxes and their contents would go to those who make the highest bid at the auction, who'd also be happy with the charity.

Bids can be made at the auction site: www.szentandrassorfozde.hu/arveres

In this box of treasure, you'll find the pride of the Brewery, the creamy and soft unfiltered Doppelbock Black Rose (after which the Rose Beer Garden in Békésszentandrás was named), now in three different vintage editions. Speaking of a 23 Balling-degree beer, one can say vintage for beers too. But how could a beer be three or ten years old, and why is that good? The beer's alcohol by volume (9% ABV in this case) and extract content has primary influence on the quality of the beer. The extract content is marked with the Balling decree (B°). A high-quality beer begins from 12 B°, so a 23 B° beer is more than a premium beer, in regards to the tastes and expiration date, it's rather a real treasure. There are beer types, like Doppelbock, which are fresh and frim when young, and, by some time they mature just like a good wine. Black Rose goes like that, offering real pleasure after long years either.

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