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Szent András Brewery has introduced the fifth edition of its Esthajnal-series: the Esthajnal ’17 is not just a Christmas surprise, it's a winter-opening dessert beer too. The festive beer may be the star guest of special events, an ingredient of exciting desserts, but it may also be a Christmas present with the special box of the limited edition.

The fifth edition of Esthajnal series by Szent András Brewery may serve as a companion, an ingredient or a substitution to the Christmas sweets, Esthajnal ’17 is an Earl Grey porter with bergamot orange. Esthajnal ’17 is not just an excellent dessert beer, with a special flavour thanks to the bergamot orange and the refreshing tea leaves, but a winter-opening dessert beer, an accessory to cookies, or even a special gift under the Christmas tree. The special Christmas box by Szent András Brewery also includes a tulip-glass beside the design award winning beers.

Szent András Brewery doesn't keep its intention in secret that it wants to raise beer drinking to a real gastronomy happening, and to give the liking to fans that it's not just good to drink a beer with exciting benzophenones and taste harmonies. In order of this, the brewery gives a present to everyone who has been thinking long to cook something with beer for the family. On the apropos of the premier of the new dessert beer, the brewery released a DIY recipe book, so every beer-fan amateur cooks can pick new recipes with every beer of the Szent András Brewery. The recipes are easy-to-cook even for those who has just caught up with cooking, but rather prefer beer drinking. Of course, the winter-opening beer speciality is an obvious choice for the gourmands.

Esthajnal ’17 is an exciting experience for those who like the full-bodied porters rich in tastes and aromas, as Pilsener, caramel and chocolate malts, oat flakes, roasted barley, Earl Grey tea leaves, bergamot orange, vanilla sticks, chocolate and cocoa beans were used in the brew. Szent András Brewery has been releasing its special Christmas beer Esthajnal every year since 2013. Each edition of the special series is made with one-off taste, under the same brand name. The brewery wants to push the envelope with each Esthajnal creation, so was Esthajnal ’17 brewed, offering a mixture of mood of the breakfast tea, the bitterness of bergamot orange and the creamy silkiness of the porter beer.

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