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The most advanced version of the beer series Vári Sisters by Szent András Brewery was born after long experiments. To celebrate this, the new American Pale Ale has been taken in the brewery's regular offer range. The iconic figures of small-works beer culture Gergő Kővári (a.k.a. Armando Ochoa) and László Marosvári (a.k.a. Ogre) created an American Pale Ale in collaboration with the Szent András Brewery, which beer is a perfect choice in every season of the year, should it be any opportunity. Kővári and Marosvári, also known as the Vári Sisters were in quest seeking the secrets of the good beer as beer-acrobats, they also showcased at beer festival Főzdefeszt how much hidden power a really good and tasty premium beer could activate. Later on, they also „visited” New Zealand as undercover beer-secret-agent, to study the world of tastes of the local hops on the sunlit lands, You can find the result of their relentless curiosity and devotion to beer in the new Vári Sisters beers. The recipe was perfected together with our brewer master Mihály Pekár and the local brewery team, to offer you an American Pale Ale rich in hops, though still in balance with the malt, for every events throughout the year. The five-part beer-series of the hops-trip of our breweries has come to anchor. The most excellent American Pale Ale edition of Vári Sisters beers has been born. It's a pleasant „road beer” for hikes in the nature. It's an essential accessory of friendly chats, long walks, football games and discoveries and cool beach-time. With its low-key bitterness, flowery, fruity smells it can make a nice family lunch, a lake-side picnic or cookie-tasting even more beautiful.

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