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The 2015-2018 Black Rose Selection, a 25th Anniversary Special Box edition by Szent András Brewery hides a fresh brew, a three-year-old Doppelbock beer and a special Ritzenhoff Cristal glass too.

The brewery, one of those of the oldest traditions in Hungary, celebrates the 25th anniversary with a specialty: it boxed a couple of beers, which is not just a beer treasure but a gastronomy rarity as well. Beside the Ritzenhoff Cristal glass, the limited edition special box contains a bottle of Black Rose brewed three years ago along with a fresh brew – these beers are special by themselves, but it's even more exciting to taste them after each other.

Black Rose is one of the biggest pride of Szent András Brewery: a full-body beer, rich in malt, yet of silky taste, featuring coffee and caramel flavours, and smells reminding of dried fruits. The beer's alcohol and extract content has a basic influence on the beer's quality and expiration date. A beer of 23 B° is more than a premium beer, in regards to the tastes and expiration date, it's rather a real treasure. There are beer types, like Doppelbock, which are fresh and frim when young, and, by some time they mature just like a good wine. Black Rose goes like that, offering great pleasures after long years either.

The success of Szent András Brewery lies in the high-quality ingredients, the permanent technology development, the perfection of the recipes of the usual types, and the brave experiments with the new trends through real understanding. The limited edition special Black Rose box is available at the brewery's partnering webshops, and of course, the brand pub, the Ogre Bácsi Pub in Budapest, while the stocks last.

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