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“Vári Nővérek '18” debuts at the Óbuda Craft Beer Festival, the 'Kisüzem' on 25 May. The main roles are played by two emblematic figures of Hungary's beer culture, Gergő „Armando Ochoa – Csakajósör” Kővári and László „Ogre” Marosvári, the great quick-change artists, who replaced their stripped circus dresses with black suits, and, as secret beer agents, they seek the ingredients of the new Vári Nővérek brew, the Kohatu, Motueka and Waimea hops from New Zealand.

The real mission of Gergő „Armando Ochoa – Csakajósör” Kővári and László „Ogre” Marosvári has not been revealed until the debut of the fourth edition of legendary Summer Pale Ale series Vári Nővérek, which mission is related to nothing else but beer. It's the fourth year of their common IPA series with Szent András Brewery: as the legendary Vári Nővérek, they appeared as beer strongmen and performers previously. But this year, they prepared not only with a special brew with New Zealand hops, but a coming out as well: the real mission of the Vári Nővérek is the quest of the high-quality ingredients of the beer. So was the special beer edition Vári Nővérek '18 was made with New Zealand hops Kohatu, Motueka and Waimea, which could be the most special one in brewing Summer Pale Ale. The Motueka hop features citrus, tropical tastes, just like Kohatu, which is a medium bitter hop with fruity and raspberry characters. The Waimea hop recalls the tropical fruits from the Pacific Ocean in the taste of the beer. The Vári Nővérek '18 has been made of this triad, and the fans of exciting beers can taste it under the guidance from the two secret beer agents in the Ogre Bácsi Pub in Budapest, and in Hopaholic too, while also learning more about the ingredients and the beer too.

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