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2021. July 6.

The Békésszentandrás beer manufacture and the beer-loving public can not only test new flavours every two weeks or months, but they also can shape the offer range together now. Another proof of this is the newly appearing Belgian wheat beer, the ‘Bodzás Búza’ (Elderflower Wheat), born in the TestAndras experimental beers project, and which has now been added to the brewery's permanent sorts by the public’s request.

2021. May 20.

A really unusual beer has been set to arrive in June from Békésszentandrás, which is not only about beer, but rather about a noble mission. The Templárius Foundation and the Hungary Helps Program have asked Szent András Brewery, one of the country's most historical small-scale breweries, to work together to help Christian communities that have been exposed to persecution in many parts of the world.

2021. April 13.

At Szent András Brewery, not a month can pass without something really special. The distillery now comes with a long-aged, strongly malted barley-wine with high alcohol content and dried-fruit characters. The brewery’s latest beer ‘Houdini’ promises cunning and surprises already at the first tasting, but, over some time, it enchants and amazes, just its legendary eponym, the world's most famous magician and escape artist – Hungarian-born Harry Houdini.

2021. March 15.

Szent András Brewery greets spring with new experimental beers, but it also gives you the courage for a smiling, big Easter sprinkling. The fifth piece of the limited edition beer series Here from the Rabbit and Beyond The Rabbit is a clean, straw-yellow, flowery-hopped New England IPA and a version of this brewed with real apricots and basil.

2021. February 3.

The tradition-follower, yet a brave experimenter with beer types and ingredients, Szent András Brewery has reached another milestone. In the new project of the Békésszentandrás-based beer manufacture, ‘TestAndras’ (TesztAndrás), the brewery focuses on small batch series of experimental beers, so bold but even more exciting ideas can be realized. If anything, it’s a real playground for brewers.

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